Personal Assistant apps for your productivity

Oct 7, 2010

These are apps that boost your productivity…. and are useful daily. These can make your life easy and more effective.

myBantu – Online Personal Assistant

This is very cute app that gives recommendations for what you need, the best part is you can even get opinions from friends and you can just start using it if you have a facebook account. It is like your personal assistant / secretary, you can ask for – romantic dining places, movies playing, golf shoes with soft sole, sushi bar nearby etc., and it not only gives recommendations,but gets your reservations done as well. It also can make a note of your todo list and send you reminders



Keeps your professional contacts in one place



stay intouch with friends


TweetDeck for iPhone

makes your tweeting life easy


Pageonce Bills

all online accounts can be managed from one place


Siri Assistant

This is another personal assistant app, that is great in local recommendations. mybantu personal assistant and siri personal assistant are very similar apps, but I found mybantu to be more interesting as it can get the opinions from facebook friends and search results are better.


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