Peek into my iPhone: Page 3 Apps

Mar 1, 2011

See related: Page 1 and Page 2 apps. These lists are a peek into my iPhone – what my priorities are, what I use more than others, how I group my apps, and what I’m checking out.

Page 3 is where I keep most of my food-related apps: recipes, restaurant-finders, etc.

Whole Foods Market


Allrecipes – Your Kitchen Inspiration



Want to know what’s local and seasonal in your area? This app tells you – best part? Also includes recipes so you know just what to DO with that rhubarb.


VeganYumYum Mobile

Recipes from the popular Vegan cookbook: Vegan YumYum


VegOut – Vegetarian Restaurant Guide

Looking for nearby veggie food? This app is a must.


Nutrients – Nutrition facts for foods and recipes

Quick and easy guide to food when you want to know what’s in it (vitamins, etc.)


Hello Vino – Wine Recommendations, Label Scanner and Ratings Guide



Gratuitous photos of food. Yes, and also please.



New from Google. I’m digging it – easy to leave reviews and view nearby recs.


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