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Aug 8, 2017

Most of us face exams when young, and a few continue to sit tests throughout the rest of their lives. Some can be of the utmost importance; others more a test of patience than actual knowledge. Yet there are a few that people place the rest of their lives on, determining whether the next stage for them is college or no college. SAT exams are such tests, and no doubt students will already have future ones in their minds. UWorld SAT Qbank is a programme designed for students such as these, by offering a simple but effective way of studying for your SATs.

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UWorld SAT offers students SAT practice questions based on math, reading and writing, with 523, 535, and 429 questions for each topic respectively. Each exam-type is further separated by subject and difficulty, while math further divides topics into systems. What this means is that students can actively create their own exams based on what they want to test themselves on in an incredibly easy and efficient way. With the ability to choose Tutor or Timed mode, as well as see all questions unanswered, answered incorrectly, and answered correctly, they can customise the mock-exam to their own needs.

The actual questions themselves are laid out in an easy-to-read way. The subject sits on the top half of the screen – such as the piece of text or graph – with the question and multiple choice answer neatly written on the bottom half. By tapping whichever answer you deem to be correct followed by “Submit”, you’re told whether your choice was correct or false and why. A percentage will also appear next to every answer, showing you what the other students who took the test answered. It’s a clever way of explaining why the student got the right or wrong answer, as well as comforting them in the knowledge that there are others who made those mistakes too.

UWorld SAT offers students SAT practice questions based on math, reading and writing

Once a test is complete you’ll be shown a review of every question answered. This can be read over straight away if needs be, but it will also be stored under a Previous Tests tab. Here, complete and incomplete exams can be accessed at any time, shown by time and date taken. The Performance section also allows you to monitor how well you and your peers are doing in the exams, a useful tool for keeping up to date with your record. If you feel as though a certain topic is going particularly badly, or just prefer to revise, Flash Cards allow you to study whatever you want, whenever you want.

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UWorld SAT is essential for anyone looking to take their exams soon. For an app so simple to use it offers a huge amount of help for students, and allows each one to personalise their learning experience. Although the questions can of course be difficult at times, hints and solutions to every one mean that students can learn from their mistakes, and improve their knowledge on each topic. Even without these, questions can be flagged and answered later if a student feels as though they could answer it at another time. As each test can be timed, it really is the most authentic mock SAT exam a student can take, and will no doubt help millions in reaching their goal of college.

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