Feb 22, 2012

I’m heading to the EU this year for my big birthday. These are the apps I plan to use for Paris.

French-English Translation Dictionary and Verbs

What, you’re going to France and don’t know French? You should really just give me your ticket instead. Oui! But since that’s not going to happen likely you should at least have this handy app on your phone so you can say something to the lovely people hosting you in their country.


Fotopedia Paris

Fotopedia, I hate you! I hate you because I already have a very active travel bug and your stupid apps don’t make it any better. I hate it because you show me places I didn’t even know I wanted to go, as if I could afford to add even more places on the “I want to go everywhere” list. I hate you because your pictures make me want to learn more about taking great pictures and I don’t really have the time or money to buy better photography gear. Mostly though I hate you because you’re so perfect. You show me a beautiful shot, tell me exactly what I’d want to know about the picture/place without going overboard and then show me another one. And now you have the gall to show me that Paris is indeed a beautiful city. If you have no itchy travel bug get this app and explore from the comfort of your own home. If, however your travel bug is overwhelming already stay away from Fotopedia apps…. they will put you in the travel hospital with their wonderful inspiration.

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Musée du Louvre

I’d rather go to France and see all of this but even if I did I probably would miss something. The Louvre is a huge place and I suspect that without a week or more devoted to it you still wouldn’t be able to see everything. But even if you can’t get to Paris this app fixes the issue by bringing great works of art to your phone.

This app lets you take tours of the museum in several different languages (want to practice your French?) in video format focusing not only on the Lovre itself but allowing you to choose several of the most well known pieces at the Museum. It also allows you to explore the art itself, showing you first pictures of a piece and then telling you about the work, the technical information about the piece and even where to find it in the museum. This alone would make this app necessary for anyone intending to go to the Louvre in person. Why not plan out your trip to the Louvre while on the plane to France?

The app also allows you to tour the Palace itself, showing you the location of different places in the Palace as well as describing it in a few words for the short version of it’s history. Finally you’re given a ton of visitor information, how to get to the Palace, the plans, the open hours, fees and services and amenities.

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You will want this if you’re heading to the Louvre and if you aren’t but wish you were. Do be careful though as I suspect this app will infect you with a very strong travel bug. Best to avoid this app if you already have the tendency to be struck by travel fever.


Rick Steves’ Louvre Tour

Rick always does such a great job of pointing you in the right direction. Not only will you likely hit the big highlights of the Louvre but you’ll be guided well to insure you maximize your trip there. Great guides and a great app.


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