Pandamino – Dominos Made Anew and Fun

Feb 13, 2018

Pandamino is a casual game that seeks to blend two exceedingly popular simple game styles into one complete experience.

In Pandamino you seek to defeat your rival in a never-ending quest for unique domino pieces. To beat that nefarious villain, you must match domino pieces with matching colors and numbers, sliding them across the game board to match them perfectly.

On round start, you are presented with a variety of dominos with differing colors, all sitting in a specific position. The exact positioning of each domino is what takes this from a simple, mindless domino game to the sophisticated puzzle that it manages to be.

As each piece has been placed in a specific spot, you need to complete the correct steps to properly clear the board. In some levels, obstacles such as a single grey block impede certain sections of the map, forcing you to maneuver around it to best match blocks.

When blocks are matched properly, they disappear and award you points, thus adding an element of Tetris gameplay to the mix. By being constantly presented with new options in the form of ever-present repeating dominos, you need to keep on top of what you’re removing to make sure you don’t run out of space.

Individual dominos can either move the direction they’re facing or swivel 180 degrees around. However, you have to be constantly watching your remaining moves like a hawk, as each level gives you only a certain number of moves to make.

Once your exhaust your moves, that’s it; you’re dead.

Once your exhaust your moves, that’s it; you’re dead.

The level of hand-crafted design and care that’s gone into Pandamino is clear, with each level being careful designed to provide a good mix of challenge and complexity. Every level is designed around having to deal with some obstacle or another, as well as encouraging you to find unique and interesting ways to match multiple dominos at once.

It’s clear that the level designers had it in mind, on certain levels, for the player to hopefully realise the potential for massive, multi-domino connections, as these are laid out with often only one move needed to complete them.

The art style of Pandamino is adorably cute, offering a style rather reminiscent of classic puzzle games from the 1990’s, all tied together with a limited story explanation for the gameplay that is absolutely ful of silly jokes that you can’t help but smile at.

Pandamino is a game that combines the element of Tetris and dominos, as well as bringing back classical puzzle games from days gone by.

Pandamino is a game that combines the element of Tetris and dominos, as well as bringing back classical puzzle games from days gone by.

This is a game designed to be enjoyed casually, only played infrequently and when you have a little spare time. If you’re looking for a peaceful distraction from the mundanities of life, then look no further than Pandamino for all your classic puzzle needs.

Our Rating

Clear and familiar puzzle style that manages to combine older elements to make something new. Cutesy art design that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy.The pseudo health bars at the top are pretty confusing to understand.
Pandamino: Color Slide & Match
Pandamino: Color Slide & Match
Price: Free+
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