Paid Organic Veggie Gardening Apps

Jan 18, 2012

I’ve already made a list of the 99 cent apps for this but these apps are a bit more (or a lot more) and as you’d expect, a bit more gets you a lot more.

The Essential Guide to Organic Gardening

As you might expect for $10 this isn’t really an app but an eBook to read. So what do you get with that? A books worth of information about organic gardening. While this is certainly a better reference option than cheap organic gardening apps you might be better off getting a guide published for your local area as that can really change everything.


Organic Gardening

One of the hardest parts of organic gardening is building the right soil. With good soil growing fruits and veggies organically is almost effortless but with bad soil it’s almost impossible. While this app will indeed teach you a bit about organic concepts it doesn’t do enough in this area to make me really happy. That said, it’s not terribly expensive so if you prefer an app to learn over a book from the library this might be something worth trying for you.


Organic Vegetable Gardening

Another expensive app that is really a book. If you’re looking for books this is a good choice.


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