Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

Jan 31, 2018
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What is something people fear more than dying? According to countless studies and surveys, many fear public speaking more than death itself. As a skill that is highly applicable in both personal and professional situations, the ability to speak in a coherent and fluid manner can serve as a strong asset in terms of conveying thoughts and ideas. To narrow the gap between the importance of public speaking and its avoidance by many, this article explores the best apps that can be used to improve public speaking ability.

VirtualSpeech – Public Speaking VR (iOS/Android)

To get an immersive public speaking experience, VirtualSpeech is an app that lets users experience virtual crowds through virtual reality (VR). Although this solution requires a VR headset, it is the closest simulation of public speaking that a user can get without speaking in front of actual people. In being able to simulate an environment that closely replicates the feeling of giving an actual speech or presentation, users can overcome their anxiety and become accustom to being in such a situation without the pressure. By offering several different environments including stages to boardrooms, users can choose which specific environment they would like to practice their pitch in to increase the simulation accuracy. One of the best features of the app is that it accurately tracks visual and audio performance and then provides feedback on how to improve. For example, VirtualSpeech tracks metrics such as eye contact, hesitation in speech, and pace. Beyond this, different scenarios can be chosen such as interviews and even presentations that import the slides provided by the user so that practicing effectiveness is maximized. With all of these features, VirtualSpeech is one of the best tools that can be used in order to increase public speaking familiarity and confidence using VR.

Orai – Improve Public Speaking (iOS/Android)

Another popular tool that can be used to improve speech is Orai which structures speaking lessons as well as accurately tracks various metrics to ensure the highest degree of communication effectiveness. For example, users can either freestyle or upload their scripts and then access lessons from world famous speaking coaches. Once the lessons have been completed, users can then record their speech at which point Orai leverages advance software to understand the speech and make actionable recommendations on ways to improve. By being able to track metrics such as the number of times filler words are used such as “uh” and “like”, pace, and tone, users of the app can significantly increase the coherency of their overall speech. As one of the most advanced apps available in terms of being able to improve speech and increase speaking confidence, Orai is a must have app for those who wish to be prepared for their next public speaking engagement.

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Pro Metronome (iOS/Android)

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when speaking is deviating from their regular speed which often makes it difficult to understand the content. As a result, many people often speak faster during speeches which is not immediately realized by the speaker. To better moderate speaking speed, Pro Metronome is a tool that helps that ensures the pace is kept at a comfortable level. In being able to set the speed at which the metronome ticks, users can adjust the pace which they are comfortable speaking at and then the app gives a series of indicators to maintain speed. Through signals such as light, vibrations, and sounds, users are able to better moderate their speed during practice and even during live speeches. For example, in practicing for a speaking engagement, users can set up lights and sounds to hear the pace while during a live speech, vibrations can be used so that the audience does not know while the speaker can still keep the pace.

Teleprompter Lite – The Script & Lyric Prompter (iOS)

One of the most daunting tasks about giving speeches is forgetting what to say halfway through. Short of memorizing the presentation, the best tool to help users go through their script is Teleprompter Lite which scrolls the entire speech as users read through it. By being able create and edit scripts as well as adjust the scrolling speed, users no longer have to memorize their speech but instead can simply glance at their phone while the script automatically scrolls. Furthermore, many aspects of the script can be customized to include alignment, color, and size to accommodate all distances and reading preferences. A feature that is highly valuable with the Teleprompter Lite app is that it also uses the camera to record the speaker so that they can evaluate the quality of their delivery afterwards (although this is a premium upgrade). For those who experience a fear of forgetting their speech or script during a presentation, Teleprompter Lite is a must have app to use as a reference when giving a presentation.

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Given that public speaking is one of the most feared activities that is considered to be worse than death to many, the apps listed in this article are designed to increase speaking confidence as well as ability. From keeping pace of the speech to using virtual reality to simulate a live audience, these apps should be used by people who have a fear of speaking or wish to improve upon their skills whether it be during an interview or presentation.

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