Our Favorite Meditation Timer Apps

Apr 16, 2012

There’s a ton of great Meditation timers out in the app store. This is our go to list of no-nonsense tools to help you with your meditation practice. We value simplicity and usability over a gluttony of buttons and thing to fiddle with. If you’re serious about wanting to meditate, these are the apps you want.

Lotus Bud – Meditation Timer

This at the top of our list because we built it exactly the way we feel a meditation timer should be. It’s easy to use, and you never waste your time fiddling with settings while you should be meditating. It tracks all your meditation sessions, let’s you build more complex retreat meditation sessions and helps you track your goals. We built it with love, so you will love it too!



It’s a beautiful simple meditation timer. Everything about this app is elegant. It doesn’t have any of the advanced features, but that’s why we like it.


Minimalist Timer

Another beautiful app with a large dial to set the time. It has a few buttons to let you quickly add more time if it takes too long to set some longer times with the dial. Doesnt have any of the advanced tracking, goals etc, but again, simple and beautiful.


Serenity: A Meditation Timer

Another case of doing one thing and soon it well. This app is slightly more configurable than Minimalist Timer and Mind, but just as simple to use.


Repeat Timer Pro – Repeating Interval Alarm Clock Timer

A beautifully designed app that can be used for more than just meditation. It’s more of a general purpose timer, but is lacking some of the more advanced features geared towards meditators. If you’re focused on meditation, this might not be the best app for you, but can get by if you use it to time other activities as well.

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