Old School Games

Apr 30, 2010

Simon, Tic-tac-touch, Lightsaber, and Touch hockey, what could be better? These were my favorite games as a kid. Having them on iphone brings back memories. What a treat!


When I was a kid, we used to have sword fights. If only we had i-phones, many fingers and hands would have been saved. Also, the sound effects would have made it more realistic. I know that because I’ve been playing Light-saber with friends lately and it’s a lot more fun.


TicTacTouch Lite

Need I say more . . . You can play one player or two!


Simon Classic

Three different choices of tones and instant replay!


Touch Hockey: FS5 (FREE)

It’s probably better on the Ipad because of the larger surface area. But it still resembles air hockey. One player or two. Be careful, the computer is quick on the uptake. Great sound effects!


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