Observing Lent, Celebrating Easter

Feb 16, 2010

Lent Starts this week, today for Eastern Orthodox and Ash Wednesday for the rest of us. Which means Easter is just around the corner!! I was very excited to find many great Easter and Lent apps and thought I would share a few.

40 Days – Lent Observance Tracker

Observing lent is important to me as a christian, it’s the one time of year where I can truly show my dedication to God. I was excited to find this app, since I track everything on my iPhone. This app is going to make lent fun!


Parents Calling Easter Bunny

I have to admit I have not used this app yet, it’s a little early to have my daughter talk to the Easter Bunny, but she loved talking to Santa so I downloaded this as soon as I saw it.


iColor Easter Eggs

this is a cute coloring book style app, My daughter loves to color on my iPhone so I know she will love this as Easter approaches


Easter Mania

tetris type game with eggs and bunnies. I like to keep in the spirit of the season with my games!


Easter Egg

Fun Chicken and Easter Egg game. I love seasonal games


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