O! Canada

Jan 5, 2011

It’s not just a national anthem anymore! O! Canada is now a curated list of the apps I say every Canadian should have.


If I have to explain, well, you’re not Canadian, are you?



Not only is this app from our beloved national weather network, it’s one of the best weather apps I’ve seen, period. I even use it to track weather for American friends.


Canada Tax – Canadian Sales Tax Calculator

I know I can’t keep track of which provinces have GST, PST or HST; can you?



There’s no better place to get good sports coverage. And hell, I’m using it to watch the World Juniors on my phone right now!


NFB legacy version

This is our culture.


Canada Post

Is there any agency we complain about more? And why hasn’t the price of stamps gone up lately?


Bell Media

Access to some great stations around the country.


Kijiji Free Local Classifieds

Now that eBay has taken over and rebranded the American version of kijiji.com, this app represents uniquely Canadian content.


GoExplore Canada

Not a bad introduction to places if you’re new to a Canadian city or just visiting.


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