NPR’s Mobile App Ecosystem

Apr 13, 2011

Zach Brand, NPR’s Chief of Tech Strategy/Operation explains: “Mobile allows users to be engaged with content whenever and wherever [they prefer], and fits well with the 24-7 mentality of journalism. Also, mobile traffic is more consistent around the clock.” By providing great APIs, NPR saw an ecosystem pop up of great mobile apps, developed by NPR, partners and the public.

NPR News

NPR News, by many polls, is seen as the most trusted source in news. By using their flexible API, they were able to put together a really strong iPhone app for accessing a wide variety of timely, well-written news stories.


NPR Music

A great app in addition to the official NPR News app. This has great live performances and recordings of music acts, both old and new. A great app if you are a music lover and NPR lover.


NPR Addict

The first iPhone app created using the NPR public API. In many ways, it made NPR realize how important mobile would be as a strategy and inspired the creation of the official NPR News app.


NPR for iPad

NPR for iPad was only made possible by NPR’s powerful API. In only 5 weeks, NPR’s team put together a fully-featured iPad app in time for the original iPad device launch event. Not only was it made fast though – it was a standard-setter as the first app with now ubiquitous features like scrolling news tickers, beautiful transitions, and rich integrated photos and videos.


NPR Station Finder

NPR has a lot of partner and member stations. Don’t miss out on all that great radio content by using this great NPR Station Finder tool to discover the stations near you.


Pulse News for iPad: Your News, Blog, Magazine and Social Organizer

Pulse wasn’t created with NPR’s API as a focal point. However, you can bring in NPR content via RSS. Also, the app’s design was very inspired by NPR’s iPad app, which the first to user horizontal scrolling tickers for presenting content.

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The Daily

The Daily doesn’t have NPR content in it, but its rich multimedia experience gathers a lot of inspiration from NPR’s groundbreaking iPad app.


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