NOW APPS that WOW June 2011

May 25, 2011

Wow. Enjoy!

Yours, Vincent The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh

A complete biography of Van Gogh told through his letters. This app is a series of narrated video clips that include his most private thoughts. My favorite feature of this app is the section entitled Insights. Categories include sex, roots and nature. His thoughts lead us into his inspiration and paintings. You can also view all 902 letters from the museum website. Inspiring.



This app is so cool. Just type in a sentence and it will automatically translate it into the visual and audio form of morse code. Makes me feel like I’m in a movie!


no Glasses Lite

This app turns you phone into a pair of reading glasses. Use it just like a magnifying glass. Settings are 1x-4x and then 8x. This is an awesome tool to have on hand. Highly Recommend!



Repel mosquitos with high frequency sounds they do not like, no more lighting gross scents. I’m pretty sure it works. Enjoy!


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