Nostalgia Inducing Apps

Jul 28, 2011

Finding yourself missing some of little things of your childhood? You know, before you had an iphone? Travel back in time with these apps!

Flick Rocket

This beautiful app brings the best of 80’s atari inspired games. A must download for the Gen Y’ers!



This app brings back all the lovable quirks of record players to your itunes collection. From the act of placing the needle on the vinyl to choosing your records out of milk crates, you’ll be wishing you still had that bright green shag carpet to complete the memories!


Faces ~ photo fun!

Who doesn’t love putting stickers on photos of their friends and making them look ridiculous? This well made app will give you all the tools you need to do just this!



Make personalized collages and use the images as cards with this app. The images given are adorable, stylized illustrations that will certainly inspire you!


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