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Apr 14, 2010

Does your nonprofit want to get in on the iPhone app wave? Here’s some great applications that you can use to think more about what you want to do and how you want to do it. Building an app isn’t cheap so make sure you do your research first!

This list comes in the aftermath of the Nonprofit Technology Conference thanks to information presented in the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s 2010 Technology Guide. This list helps tell you more about the app and how to use it for inspiration for your own upcoming nonprofit app!

Seafood Watch

This app shows nonprofits how they can use an app to provide information to their constituents. It might well be the best use of this tool for this purpose. Check it out for inspiration.


The Paramount Theatre

Fantastic! If you live in Austin you can keep up with the Paramount Theatre with this app and it also helps them with fundraising. A great example of information and fundraising and making sure to stay connected to your evangelists.


More Birthdays

Don’t have information or a schedule to share? You can still make an app. Make people’s lives easier and they’ll love you for it and here’s your example. Include info about what you do and and fundraising and it’s a win for everyone.


Real Miracles

Basically an app that turns the website into it’s own application, complete with videos and pictures. If you’ve put a lot into multimedia on your website this might be the right application for you.


Sexual Assault Awareness

30 different facts about sexual assault are displayed on this app. This may not be the best use of your app development dollars but if you can get the services free (as did PAVE in this case) it can be something to spread the word about what you do. Remember that there are people who care about your cause that will find you if you let them.

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Does your organization already do fundraising events like walks, runs, rides? If so this app can help you see how to use an app for this purpose and for fundraising. It may even give you some insights into new types of events to do.


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