Noblemen: 1896 – Shooter, Strategy and Salvation

Published by Sam Eskenazi in Action
24 Oct 2017

Noblemen: 1896 is an aspirational game that manages to combine elements of strategy board gaming with third person shooting.

America is involved in a science fiction riddled Civil War inspired by magic, Tesla-built technology. Men die, widows weep and mountains of coal power modern machines that provide instant transportation. In all this, you control your Nobleman.

To provide some flimsy reasoning as to why you can respawn three times and be so fantastic, Noblemen are born with special powers and have access to the best technology that allow them to be a reckoning in any battles, far overpowering any enemy.

Whether it be more health, more variety of guns or just better overall, Noblemen lead the charge in these fully realized battles.

If Noblemen: 1896 was just the in-depth battles, this game would already be very decent. However, it doesn’t simply stop there: the entire game has a full campaign story.

Controlling your nobleman, you move around the country, not just fighting battles but strategically planning them beforehand. Each level exists on a limited campaign map, more similar to a boardgame than any mobile game you might have played before.

Each level exists on a limited campaign map, more similar to a boardgame than any mobile game you might have played before.

The aim of each level is to destroy the enemy fortress, all the while battle the enemy’s armies in the zoomed in, fully realized battles. Each player can create armies using points generated from supply dumps or captured cities, as well as capturing an all-powerful center that takes 5 turns – 2 to capture it, 3 to power it up – to generate a massive strike on the enemy fortress. You only get so much supply and so many actions in a turn, all of which can be gained or lost throughout the level.

Alongside this, you get battle cards to utilize your excess energy points that affect the playing field even more. The entire level is one of continously trying to counter the enemy’s armies while at the same time build enough of a force from your own troops to crush them in the field and destroy their fortress.

Noblemen: 1896 is a game that no review can truly encompass fully as the details and style, the intricacies and sheer amount of things to do, dwarf any possible attempt to categorize them. It is a game like no other, one that feels made for PC or a next gen console rather than a mobile device.

Noblemen: 1896 is fast, fun and incredibly in depth, more like a full board game crossed with a shooter than any mobile game you’ve ever heard of.

Our Rating

Insanely in depth. Excellent division of levels of complexity. Downright fun.Can sometimes feel slightly clunky in controlling the character.
Developer: Foursaken Media
Price: Free+
Developer: Foursaken Media
Price: Free+