Never Pay For Voicemail Again With InstaVoice

Published by Chris Carr in Communication
29 May 2017

As expensive as mobile phone contracts are, we’ve come to accept the fact that if we want to contact someone or search for something then we have to pay. It works the other way round as well: if someone texts or calls you, they foot the bill. So why is it still the case that we pay to listen to a voicemail another person has left us? Why can’t those minutes be included in our contracts?

InstaVoice looks to make amends to the problem, and acts as an intermediary between your voicemail and you, allowing you to listen to your messages and respond to them free of charge.

InstaVoice is a voicemail managing app that visualises your messages on a chat-like interface. As soon as a voicemail has been received it will appear, showing you the number and name (if applicable) of the caller, the time they left the voicemail, as well as the length of the message. You can then listen to and replay it as many times as you want, as well as skip to whichever part you need to. The voicemail will then remain on the app until you delete it: with unlimited space for messages there’s no end to how long you can keep them for.

If you need to get back in contact with the caller, InstaVoice gives you the option to send voice, text, or picture messages free of charge. There’s even the option to talk to yourself, creating notes for you to remember for later. Even if you want to get in contact with another person who doesn’t use the app, you can send messages via your contact book, again without any cost: in this sense alone it’s a chat service. On the occasion that you make a mistake, you can withdraw any outgoing voicemail, picture, text, and voice messages, which are then deleted from the recipient’s account. It’s an option that is fairly unique on the market, and that many people would have undoubtedly wished they had access to before.

InstaVoice isn’t without its issues: the aforementioned problem with setting up and the missed calls still not appearing on my account * missed calls now show in the app * are the obvious ones. Yet what the app offers far outweighs the small niggles, and if any issue is too big then the helpline has proven to help. It’s not only created an option other than paying to listen to voicemails, but allows infinite replays of an unlimited amount of messages for ten different numbers, offers an easy-to-use interface, and provides a good service – all free of charge. Even if you receive a voicemail a month, InstaVoice is worth downloading.