Networking iPhone Apps: Contact Sharing

Feb 28, 2011

Business cards are great to quickly share your contact info, but the technology age has ushered in a new way of sharing that information. Check out these apps for quickly and easily passing on your name, phone number, e-mail, and more.

SnapDat Digital Business Cards

This is the closest you can get to the business card experience, only a little more cost efficient. You actually get to design your own SnapCard complete with Picture, phone, e-mail, home page, etc. and send it through e-mail facebook or twitter. The best part to this is that the recipient doesn’t have to have the same app. They don’t even need smartphone at all.



With the rising use of QR codes, it’s a pretty neat idea to have your own. That is what this app creates. You can send your own QR code through e-mail to anyone who you would like to receive your contact information. The down side is that the codes generated by this app are not standard, therefore the recipient has to use the EasyShare app in order to decode it. Great concept, with some limitations.



One of the great gestures between friends is the almighty fist bump. What better way to kick off new friendships than by trading your contact information through a bump. While it does require that the other person uses the app as well, it can be a great conversation piece, and it’s nice that both sets of information are transfered in the exchange at once.


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