Network Utils

Mar 20, 2011

Useful apps for monitoring and maintaining networks and web sites

SubnetInsight – Scan & manage your Wi-fi networks

Handy to profile, scan, document and locate your networks.


Nice Trace – traceroute

Very fast trace route. Comes back with details quickly, then makes additional passes for details & performance.


Portscan – Security Scanner

Quick security/port scan for networks. Very easy– streamlined & handy.



Super easy way to scan if a network is up/down & check specific ports. Tell at a glance what is up, or ping a specific site.


View Source

Quickly see HTML for a mobile web page, easily switch device/user agent if needed. Email HTML to yourself or others



Quickly check latency and upload/download speed. Seems more accurate than FCC SpeedTest utility.


Deep Whois

Fast, thorough way to look up name, ownership and contact info for IPs or domains.


Discovery – Bonjour Browser

Easiest way to find other Apple devices and what services are available via Bonjour. Also works with printers, scanners & file servers supporting Bonjour


Network Ping Lite

Basic ping, plus the easiest way to ping a subnet range. Also supports trace route, and telnet.



Interesting way to visualize a trace route. Does geo-lookup of IP addresses on rote and plots them on Google maps.


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