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Feb 23, 2011

I really like the games Neon Play puts out. They seem to make games that are really welldrawn, fun and addictive. They pass the time well for me when I am on the bus/train/toilet 🙂

Paper Glider

It’s the 10 billionth downloaded game and it is dangerously addictive. Anyone beat 53,458?


Traffic Panic

A game they keep updating and making more fun. It has worldwide scores too so you can see how good you are compared to the rest of the world.


Flick Football

The original and the best football game on the iPhone. With multiple game modes I love picking it up to practise some spot kicks.



This is some mindless good fun, just skid around a car park (hence the name). I think it shows great potential and I look forward to their updates.


Talking Baby

Not a big fan of those talking back to you apps. However, Talking Tom was fun and I think this is up there with it too.


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