Need to measure home’s square footage? Home Sizer makes it easy

Aug 31, 2009

The Home Sizer application for the iPhone is a lot like a flashlight, generator or carjack. It is not needed all that often, but when called upon, it can be very helpful.

The beauty of Home Sizer lies in its simplicity. The app is made to calculate the square footage of any room in your home. Home sizer is particularly useful when designing a new house or checking to see if the square footage of a property matches what is described on an ad.

Additional features for Home Sizer include a file manager to save your plans and a mortgage calculator to estimate monthly payments for your dream house

The app’s layout is simple and looks a lot like an online tax-filing program. Pick a from a number of tabs including “rooms,” “value/cost” or “mortgage” and fill in the blanks with your data. The app generates estimates for interest rates, down payments, and property taxes and insurance.

Digitally speaking, entering the data into the iPhone is the easy part. You are more likely to face struggles with tangled tape measures as you gather information.

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