NBA Game Time, Field Agent top Best Free iPhone Apps of the Week

Apr 26, 2010

We just experienced one of the greatest sports weekends of the year and it’s going to take a least a week for my sports buzz to wear off. But this week’s free iPhone app list is only slightly sports-focused, and (hopefully) there’s a little something for everyone.

It’s Game Time, basketball fans

Last week, NHL Ice Time 2010 Free made this esteemed list, so it only seems right to lead this week’s list with the other professional sports league that is currently in the playoffs. NBA Game Time Lite 2009-10 is the perfect iPhone app if you’re looking for live scores from this year’s playoffs. This NBA Digital release also includes stats, brackets and regular season standings, but as the name “lite” suggests, you’re going to have to pay to get the real perks. The full version costs $2.99 and boasts radio feeds among its many features, while you can get an individual team version of the app for 99 cents. Whatever you’re looking for from an NBA app, chances are the league has got you covered.

An app that pays off

Free apps are so last year; if you really want an iPhone app that’s good for your wallet, how about an app that actually pays you? Field Agent is a secret shopper-type iPhone app, as it will ask you to do things like price checks on items at specific stores. Most jobs pay a couple of bucks ($3-$12 according to the iTunes page), so while you’re not likely to get rich off this app, there is a chance you’ll make enough money to buy some paid iPhone apps. You do have to create an account with the app and all payments are handled via PayPal. Also, jobs are listed by area and they first go to users with higher Field Agent “rep scores,” which means it pays to get in early with this app.

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The Swiss army knife of travel apps

Frommer’s Travel Tools is, as the name suggests, a collection of useful tools for you globetrotters. It includes a currency converter (170 different currencies), time translator, packing guide and city guides, among other features. Frommer’s also has a postcard feature which allows you to send cards via email, Facebook or Twitter. Of course it’s not a perfect, comprehensive app, as there could be more cities included, but given the price, there’s not too much you can complain about here. The app also has a section that recommends other useful travel apps; app-on-app love is a beautiful thing.

MMA’s latest news iPhone app

Maybe it’s because mixed martial arts is a relatively new sport, but MMA fans don’t really have that many options in the iTunes App Store. has quickly climbed up the free apps chart, which is both a testament to the lack of similar apps as well as the quality of the app. This is your standard news iPhone app, with a news feed that is broken up by organization – UFC, WEC and Strikeforce – a photo gallery and a saved article feature. also has rankings by weight class and a link to the site’s forums. None of this is groundbreaking stuff, but there’s a good deal of information here and the app works well enough. As a free app, fight fans have no reason not to give this app a shot, as it very well may be the best of its kind.

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Free lite game of the week

Guerrilla Bob Free was released last week, and any action gamers who missed this one absolutely need to drop everything they’re doing and download the app – now. This shooter is, first and foremost, visually one of the best games around. The graphics are very cartoony as well as colorful and vibrant, while the game play is smooth. In the game’s campaign mode, you guide Bob from town-to-town, blowing up bad guys with weapons as outrageous as Molotov cocktails, rocket and grenade launchers, and flamethrowers. Guerrilla Bob also includes a survival mode and a wave attack mode, meaning there’s some replay value here. Possibly even better news is that if you decide to get the full version of this Chillingo game; it’ll only cost you 99 cents.

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