National Junk Food Day!

Jul 19, 2010

July 21st is National Junk Food Day. If you’re like me you might be confused as it seems that most days appear to be junk food day here in the US but nope, it’s the 21st. Frankly, if that’s the only day you eat junk food than kudos for you and celebrate away.

Here’s a list of fast food restaurant apps to help you in celebrating.

McDonald’s Fan: Nutrition Calculator

Just in case you want to know what you’re eating and make the most junky of food choices to celebrate, this app is there for you. Alternately you can use this app to find the healthiest menu items on non junk food holiday days.


DQ Restaurant Finder

Need some frozen dairy treat? This app will help you find just that.



Just in case waiting in the drive through or at the counter takes too much time and you want to get your food NOW this app will let you do just that. Assemble your order and place it, from the convenience of your phone.


Carl’s Jr Time

Yup, like the other apps you can indeed find yourself a Carl’s with this app. Celebrate away.


KFC Grillz

Just in case having white teeth isn’t working for you the KFC Grillz app will let you have a grill on your teeth. While it won’t help you get your junk food on it will help you celebrate once you get there!


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