N is for November

Oct 8, 2011

These are my favorite apps that begin with the letter N for November.

Namokar Mantra

A beautiful rendition of the Namokar Mantra right on your iPhone, what could be better?

For more info about the Namokar Mantra:


Nanny McPhee Pig Chase

Tap as many pigs as you can before time runs out and view the trailer or download the movie. Fun!


no Glasses Lite

This app turns you phone into a pair of reading glasses. Use it just like a magnifier glass. Settings are 1x-4x and then 8x. This is an awesome tool to have on hand. Highly Recommend!



Ever since Paper Toss, I’ve been a big fan of BackFlip Studios. NinJump is another success. It’s simple and interesting with cool music. Scale from wall to wall avoiding enemies and obstacles. Fun!


Norway Travel Guide featuring Oslo, Bergen Trondheim and much!

This app is a well informed guide to Norway. It includes background info, popular destinations and a simple description of the language. Also, I love the map! Enjoy!


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