MyRoute – Plan a Route That Has Multiple Stops With Ease

Dec 9, 2016

The iTunes store is no stranger to navigation apps. However, if you’re looking for an app that allows you to set multiple stops on your itinerary, you’re limited in your choices. One app that does allow this is MyRoute. Whether you’re in the delivery or trucking industries, setting up multiple stops on your daily itinerary can save you time and a lot of planning. Let’s take a look at how MyRoute stacks up to the competition?

First, let’s start by talking a bit about how the MyRoute app works. To use this app, you must first create an itinerary online using the MyRouteOnline planner. Once you do that, you can open the itinerary directly within the app. Now let’s talk about the features of MyRoute. After all, an app is only as good as the features it offers.

With MyRoute, you can add even more stops to your itinerary as you drive. The app even allows you to upload your address list directly to it. This prevents you from having to enter all of that information by hand. MyRoute supports Excel, Text and CVS documents. What’s really impressive is that you can choose to upload these files directly to MyRoute from internal storage or cloud storage services such as Google Docs or Dropbox.

Once you upload the data and create an itinerary, MyRoute gives you the shortest possible path to take while still hitting all of the stops that you uploaded. In fact, it allows you to put in up to 350 addresses per run. This is something that other navigation apps simply can’t do. The itineraries that you save can also be changed on the fly if necessary.

You have the option to change the factors that MyRouteOnline takes into account when calculating the optimal order of your stops. For example, you can prioritized distance or time. After MyRoute calculates the path, you have the opportunity to customize it any way that you see fit by making manual changes.

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The interface of MyRoute, while a bit bland, gets the job done nicely. In fact, it’s the simple design of the app that makes it so easy to upload and change stops as needed. This means that you can spend less time messing around with the app and more time using it to complete your itinerary quickly.

The app gives you the option to choose your own turn-by-turn navigation system. No matter which navigation system you use on your phone, you can still enjoy it while MyRouteOnline fills out the addresses for you in whatever order you preset. This includes syncing the app to popular navigation systems such as TomTom and Germin or using apps on your phone like Google Maps.

MyRoute allows you to set pick-up and drop-off points as well. This is important if you have certain addresses in your itinerary that you have to visit first to pick up an item and deliver it elsewhere on your journey. You also have the option to plan multiple itineraries. MyRoute can help you plan so that each itinerary picks up where the last one left off.

Overall, MyRoute might not win any awards for its looks, but it’s this simple interface that makes using it so easy. MyRoute can help you plan out an itinerary that has multiple stops with ease. With the ability to upload your existing address list and sync with navigation systems, MyRoute is a must for anyone who needs help planning a journey with multiple stops.

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