My Worst Apps

Jan 12, 2012

These apps have rated the lowest in my book. Many of these apps I’ve not checked out lately however if you’re looking for what NOT to do with an app, here’s some good information for you.


I have to admit, I’ve really only used this app to find a club in a place I don’t call home, or maybe I should say, TRY to find a club. I knew that the tiny little town that I was going to wouldn’t have a 24 hour fitness, but I figured that the search function of this app would tell me where the nearest one was, so I could figure out if I wanted to drive there or if, instead, it was hours away. Well, I figured wrong.

When you enter a zip code into this app it doesn’t do anything other then tell you the clubs in that zip code. If there isn’t one it doesn’t come back with the closest club to that zip. It doesn’t seem like that would really be all that hard does it?

Granted, this app has a few more functions including a class schedule for each gym which would be useful I suspect if I were a fitness class kind of girl and maybe it will stay on my phone for that reason alone, but other then a few less than useful calculators this app is really significantly lacking in value.

In the end it was the maps built in iPhone app that told me where the closest club was, without taking much time at that, and not this app.

If you’re a class goer or a major city traveler I suspect this app would be just fine for you. Just don’t expect it to be smart.


Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker Recipe Finder

OK, I admit it. I downloaded this app while at the store after seeing that crock pots were on a screaming sale. I literally wanted to see how easy it is to cook with a crock pot as I know a number of friends who swear by them for easy, time-saving meals. With this app I was sadly not inspired to buy a crock pot.

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This app looks relatively good from the outside. Placing recipes into easy to see groups by ingredient, cuisine, course, quart size, etc one would think this would be a great app for those of us needing meals to cook themselves. While I didn’t look at every recipe, most seem to require a pretty significant amount of work outside the pot. Moreover many of the recipes have poor ratings from users.

While I’m not a crock pot pro or even experienced this application didn’t inspire me or even impress me with its ease of use. If I have to cook for 30 minutes before putting something into a crock pot is it really worth it? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.



I would talk more about this app but honestly, I haven’t used it. I tried but the second I started using it my iPod functions turned off. Yeah, that’s right, no music while you’re using this app. Sure, you shouldn’t ride with music blasting but very low it can be very motivational and the fact that this app isn’t music enabled is a deal breaker for me.

More importantly however to get the full use of this app you have to pay for the full version, still won’t get music and frankly there are great apps out there that are perfectly free so why pay?

The screen is OK with a fake analog speed gauge which is strange since quite obviously your phone is not transmitting analog data or receiving it. Like all other bike apps you can lock the screen but unlike other apps this app will not tell you about your altitude, which can be very useful for large climbs or anything with hills. As other users have stated it would be nice if the app stopped recording when you stop so your average speed is accurate but thus far I haven’t found an app that does well with this and this one is no exception. In the end I would use one of the many other free apps over this one without question.

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I had been so hopeful that eventually after trying enough “green” apps I’d find one I actually liked. Sadly this one is not it. I keep hoping that somehow without me knowing there’d be a new restaurant in town that serves local and organic food for cheap. I know it probably isn’t going to happen but when I downloaded this app I figured it might just remind me of something I’ve forgotten about or hadn’t heard of before. And it did. It did not because there’s a new restaurant in my city. No, it told me about new places because it told me about places 2000 miles away. Somehow going to South Carolina for dinner doesn’t seem all that eco friendly to me. More importantly the idea that most of the products listed were hundreds if not thousands of miles away was quite interesting for an app with the word localvore in it and one that actually wants to use your current location. You know where I am app and you’re suggesting a place 2000 miles away? Seriously, what’s up with that? How can this app get this entire idea so utterly wrong? Well, I’m off in search of a good green app, in the meantime this is yet another one for the recycling bin. #epicfail


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