My Top 10 Favourite Games

Nov 14, 2010

A mixture of different types of games but ones I love nonetheles

Angry Birds

An instant classic!!


Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D

An early game on the app store but still in my opinion one of the best arcade racers around, think mario kart with crash bandicoot


Zen Bound™

A simple elegant creation which had me enthralled for weeks


Fruit Ninja

Sometimes taking your anger out on fruit is the best stress relief available



Sometimes frustrating, sometimes elating always fun and addictive


Backbreaker Football

The graphics and physics are phenomenal and the game isn’t bad either


Coin Dozer

A silly choice but I think this is the game I have spent most time on great for ad breaks



A simple game but simple colourful graphics and a clever game basis makes this game one you keep coming back to


Let’s Golf!

Great cartoon graphics good gameplay and a strange sense of replayability makes this one a classic



A lovely RPG with old-skool arcade graphics and a nice buildable skill set but unusually for iphone rpg’s a great storyline. A must have for RPG fans


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