My Time Wasters (what are some of yours?)

Oct 19, 2010

I find myself in plenty of situations where I need to kill some time: out shopping with others, appointments, you name it. I used to just sit and wait or I hopefully brought a notepad, all before the iPhone.

Newsy: Video News, Multiple Perspective

Great short videos to keep up with news without bias, and full transcripts if I am in a place where I can’t listen.


Web Comic du Jour

I love the originality of online comics and thankfully this app keeps me from trying to visit fifty different sites. All the web comics I could want in one app. The developer is very responsive too.



I have ComicBookLover, but I also want to try Comic Zeal Mini.
That being said, there are not many comics or graphic novels I read, but the few I do, I love to have on me. The iPhone makes it so easy to read the very visual medium.



‘Cuz I’m unemployed.


AppMiner (Paid Apps FREE)

I always push this wonderful free app to anyone I see with an iPhone. You can create wishlists of apps and wait for them to go on sale, and the best part is the great search engine that helps you go deeper into the app store than you would normally be able to.


PhoneFlicks – Netflix Queue Manager

I spend more time searching for movies to add to my instant and disc queue than I do watching them. This great free app lets you search and add movies to your disc and instant queue giving you more control than the Netflix app itself.



Great and very quick reviews, the only gripe that I have is that I wish they had more time, or reviewers to help, but the videos they do have on the site and on the app are great and give you a good feel for each app.

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Super Search 60™

A very fun and fast paced Where’s Waldo type game where you hunt for specific items listed.


Podcasts – AudioPress Player

I’m glad I just discovered this app!
Wonderful way for audiophiles to listen to as many podcasts and news reports without having to actually download them and store them on my iPhone.


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