My phone does what?

Mar 25, 2010

Not everyone is a super tech geek who knew about every feature of the iPhone long before it ever hit the shelves. The good news for us non-geeks is that we get to be constantly amused and amazed at the weird and unexpected things our phone can do. So here’s a list to show that off, to yourself or someone else still stuck with just a regular phone.

Warning, this list may make you appear to be a tech geek to those around you without iPhones.


I’ll admit it, I rarely use this app but it’s also one of the first apps I ever bought. Why? Because it’s weird and a bit creepy. Blow into your phone to make music and listen to people around the world making music too. Who knew that you could play your phone like a flute?


iHandy Level Free

This was also one of my first apps and again, I rarely use it (but then the pictures at my house aren’t exactly straight either). That said the fact that my phone has what is apparently called an accelerometer and thus can tell if something is level is just mind boggling.

I remember when cell phones were the size of bricks. Ooh, look, there’s a gray hair! Seriously though, this app is pretty exciting and definitely useful should you want things level.



There is no better way to impress your librarian friends than this app. OK, it will probably work on music loving or book loving friends too.

Just take a picture of the cover of a book and it tells you all about it. Sure, it’s just a recognition thing but still pretty amazing for those of us who are easily amused.



Perhaps because I used to be in charge of scanning at a grocery store this app is especially cool to me. Yes, I geek out on all the information contained in a UPC (did you know that the first numbers are the manufacturer?). Anyway, there are lots of apps that do this but this one is the only one I’ve found that works consistently. So shop around while in the store by just “scanning” an item. Just don’t let the store catch you price checking them. Hmm… I wonder if brick and mortar stores are using this for price comparisons? Let’s hope so.

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Google app — Search made just for mobile

Not sure why something that recognizes my voice (often poorly) is so interesting but let’s face it, half the time the human on the other end of your phone can’t understand you so the fact that an app does is pretty impressive.
Useful app for those of us that don’t like the keyboard, even more useful for those of us with great diction. For those of us who mumble best leave showing this app off to friends for some other time. Hmm… Could be an interesting drinking game?


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