My Most Used Apps

Jun 23, 2011

My most used apps differ slightly from what I feel are “the best” apps. But there are so many, I would have to break it down by category. This list is just to show the apps that I use regularly on a daily basis.


As a community manager, I prefer Hootsuite, but I don’t spend much time working from my phone – shocker. So when I’m checking in on my personal accounts, I prefer the Twitter app. It’s simple, clean and offers a surprising amount of functionality.



Boxcar aggregates all of your notifications. You can sync a variety of platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Google Voice, etc. and receive a push notification whenever mentioned, receive a comment, etc.



Aside from the default calendar that comes with the iPhone, I really like the simplicity of TeuxDeux. It’s a great way to stay focused on your to-do list, without any bells and whistles to distract you. Just put in your task and be on your way. If you prefer categorization, notes and context, this app isn’t for you.



It makes my pictures look better. Plus, there’s a sweet plugin for WordPress so your blog readers can view your Instagram feed.


Discovr Apps – discover new apps

This is a new addition, but I’ve been checking it every day since I downloaded it. Either search for an app or choose from the recommended options. A handful of related apps will sprout from that app. If you tap any of those apps, more related apps will appear. In the end, you have a giant interactive app tree that shows you the relationships between different applications.


Shazam – Discover music, artists, videos & lyrics

I ended up purchasing the $5.99 lifetime upgrade to Encore because I used it so much – without it, you’re limited to a set number of searches every month. I use it in the car, while watching TV and even while in Starbucks. My music selection would be sad without it.

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So this is a mix between iPhone and iPad. I do a lot of reading on my iPad while traveling, but I download one book at a time on my iPhone. Every day at lunch I read a few pages.



I manage my queue from my iPhone, but do a majority of my viewing from my iPad. I would say that Netflix is, without a doubt, the most used app on my iPad.


Adobe Ideas

This is another iPad app. I love to doodle and draw stick figure stories to go along with my blog posts and this apps lets me do that. Drawing with your finger is fun, but I eventually bought a stylus since I spend so much time drawing. It’s easy to use, but offers a lot of customization to the serious artists out there.



A flashlight? Seriously? I’m serious. The genius who designed my apartment put the light switch all the way in the kitchen. So when I come home at night, I have to walk through a dark apartment. This app utilizes the flash from the camera and provides a very bright light – also great for people out walking at night. And the on/off sound effects kind of make me happy.


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