My Most Frequently Used Apps

Oct 14, 2010

This will be a list of the apps that I use the most on my iPod Touch. They are most likely used daily.

The Weather Channel – local forecasts, radar maps, storm tracking, and rain alerts –

One, because I am obsessed with the weather. Two, because I ride my bike to work and like to know the weather during my ride.



Gotta check my Facebook!


tvtag – formerly GetGlue

Love this app and always try to check into at least one thing a day.


ESPN – Get scores, news, and watch live sports

I can stay updated on how my favorite teams are doing with live updates during games.


Angry Birds

Trying to get all those stars!


IMDb Movies & TV

I always find myself looking up an actor, TV show, or movie.


Bank of America – Mobile Banking

Try to check on my bank account everyday.


Cat Physics

Another great game that I am constantly trying to increase my scores on.


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