My more valuable apps…

Jan 23, 2010

I’m an IT consultant, and aspiring geek who really enjoys the ever expanding uses provided by my iPhone. By all accounts, I certainly use my laptop a lot less because of the capabilities afforded by my phone. And I dig it!

Map My Ride – GPS Cycling and Route Tracking with Calorie Counting

Easily track workouts and training progress


Echofon for Twitter

Robust features for Twitter account. I much prefer this app over the Twitter website.



Quick photo editing and ability to copy to clipboard in order to paste into MMS. Wonderful and easy to use features for a wide array of photo manilpulation.


Google app — Search made just for mobile

What can I say? The voice search feature is wonderful (especially when I am not sure how to spell something;) )


Yahoo Sports

Wow! There is a tremendous amount of information in this app all the way down to odds on Division 1-AA football teams! It’s my go-to for just about any sports score related query!


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