My Home Screen Apps

Mar 4, 2011

One would assume that the apps I choose to display on my Home screen are the most important ones for me. After compiling this list, I’m not so sure.

The Weather Channel App for iPad – best local forecast, radar map, and storm tracking

This guy is on my home screen because I consult it every morning when figuring out which coat to wear. Fascinating.

(Note – this is NOT the iPad version, but it’s all that came up)


Google 411

Another case where the app doesn’t show up in the Appolicious type-ahead…probably because there are so many that start with Google. Anyway, this is supposed to be the Google search app. Critical to my everyday experience.


Foursquare – Find Places to Eat, Drink, and Visit

Yup, it’s dorky. But yes, I also check in everywhere. Hence, homescreen.



My hands-down favorite RSS reader. He lives on my home screen so that I can quickly and easily amuse myself with feeds while waiting in line at the supermarket.



I loves me some Twitter. And I stick with the official app, since I’ve loved it since it was Tweetie.



If you say you don’t have Facebook on your home screen, you’re lying.



It gets dark in our house. Like, really dark. Since turning on the lights in the middle of the night would make my wife punch me in the throat, I need an easy to get to app to shine a light.


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