My Freshest iPhone Apps – Spring 2011

Apr 11, 2011

As the sun shines bright and the cherry blossoms bloom, these are the apps that are putting a spring in my step.

Social Questions – The unofficial Quora client

Yes I know Quora has a mobile site, but just give me an app! I can easily check answers to questions that keep Silicon Valley on the edge of its seat. How to best fund a startup? How to get started developing apps? What does it feel like to be rich? My new go-to app for wiling away the time while waiting in line.



They just get it. They get the busy social media professional. They get mobile app UI. I can put all my Twitter accounts in one app and hit giant buttons to check out the latest. I am having a spring love affair with Seesmic.



I can learn new workout routines and track my weight. Gets me fit by summer, at least!



I can find hikes around me, like at Malibu Creek or in the Santa Monica Mountains, along with maps and points of interest. This gets me outside in the springtime!


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