My favorite Reference Apps

Feb 20, 2011

the variety of reference Apps ceases to amaze me, there are so many stupid ones though so this list is comprised of my favorite and most helpful ones

Wikipedia Mobile

Wikipedia became my favorite reference site when I first realized that it knew practically everything about anything. Now that I have it in my pocket I feel as though I could answer any question


How to Tie a Tie – The Number One App for Tying Ties and Мore!

Watching videos on youtube takes way too long and I always feel weird asking other guys to help me so this App is a life saver whenever I’m rushing to put a tie on.

 Download Dictionary & Thesaurus

never again will I misspell or use the same word repeatedly in an essay, this app has become a crutch on which I lean on a little bit too much


the amazing thing about ask is that usually at least one, if not numerous people have asked the same exact question


iUSA – The Pocket Guide to the United States of America – Her History, People, Presidents and Government – Second Edition –

Being a student in a government class, this App has become my textbook, which is fantastic since now I have one less book inside my backpack


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