My favorite puzzle games

Mar 31, 2011

I like math and computers and music, and things that make me reflect awhile, and have nice user interfaces. Also, I’m a hobbyist app developer and one of the apps on this list is mine.

Solitaire Chess Free

Great for dropping in and solving a few puzzles when you have time, wide range of difficulties, uses familiar chess rules in a clever new way.


Spins 3D Puzzle

It gives you a real tactile feel for solving the puzzles and has a wide range of difficulty levels. I designed it to be so–I wrote it!


U Connect Lite

This one is interesting enough (in later puzzles) for adults, but the early puzzles my young children love.


Aurora Feint II: Tower Puzzles

One of the first puzzle games I ever got, and it’s a classic. Such a clever idea, and good use of the accelerometer.


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