My Favorite Medical Reference Apps

Sep 24, 2011

Anytime I, or someone close to me gets something other than the common cold, I check out these apps before either exposing myself to others, or letting myself be exposed to the person who has the symptoms.

WebMD – Trusted Health and Wellness Information

This app has so many different features and so many different ways to approach an illness that it becomes easy to pinpoint exactly what is wrong and how it should be treated. It’s like going to see the doctor anytime you want for any reason whatsoever.


Epocrates References & Tools for Healthcare Providers: Drugs, Dosing, Interactions, Guidelines, Medical Calculators & More

With a wide collective database on every prescription drug imaginable, you can know what you need even before the doctor does.


Google+ – interests, communities, discovery

By accessing every database available online, this app lets you scan for common symptoms and then share anything you think may be useful with whatever select amount of people you think should see it


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