My favorite apps this month

Jul 6, 2011

OK, I know this is a weird list but really, I download a ton of apps and play with them and these are the ones that stand out lately. Give them a shot if you’re at all interested.

Weather Alert USA

This app is based on information from NOAA and that alone is something I’ve been wanting for a VERY long time. What is NOAA? The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration… aka the best weather reports in the world and for many news stations where they get their weather. Here in Seattle where the weather is difficult to predict at best they are the go-to source for information and this app is ABSOLUTELY worth the cost. It is completely the same as the NOAA site and even allows you to put in weird places like Crystal Mountain Ski resort so you can see the hourly updated snow info… LOVE this.


Tour de France All Access – NBC Sports Group’s Coverage of Le Tour Featuring Live Video & Real-Time Rider Tracking

It’s tour time and this app is #winning in such a big way. Unlike last years apps this one gives you video highlights and all the information you’d want to track the tour if you’re one of the few people on the planet (like me) who doesn’t have cable. They really blew the last years app out of the water with this one. If nothing else get this free app and watch the huge pileup crash just before the finish in stage one… it alone is worth the download (no one was seriously hurt in the making of this app review recommendation).

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Fotopedia National Parks

I really hate Fotopedia. No really, I do. I hate them because they make you want to travel right now. As you stare at the app you think “why am I in this basement office when I could be here, in this picture, looking at this incredible beauty?” This one isn’t free currently but they have a ton that are and each one is worth checking out. That said, 99 cents is well worth the price for the amazing content you’re getting with this particular app.


Camp Where

At this point it’s still my favorite camping app. As I’m out in the woods about every other week at this point this app is fantastic for finding the better, more maintained campgrounds. I’m often too cheap or too late to make reservations for a site and this app helps me find an alternate campground when the place I wanted is full. If you like sleeping in the woods and you don’t happen to have woods of your own this app is worth the price.


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