My Fav 5 Lakers Apps

Apr 20, 2011

I am a big Lakers fan and wanted to share what Lakers apps I use on a regular basis.

Lake Show

Currently $0.99 – This is my favorite Lakers app because its a one stop spot for everything Lakers from player tweets, media tweets, news, schedules, scores etc. I find myself constantly going to this app first whenever I want to find out about the Lakers.


ESPN – Get scores, news, and watch live sports

Currently FREE – I use this app to send me push messages when games start and after each quarter so that I am always up to date on the game. I think this is another must have app.


Currently FREE – This is one of those apps that just encompasses Local LA teams. Its a must have if your in LA. It has a ton of cool features.


App of L-Nation

Currently FREE – I am a big fan of LakersNation so this is a great app to keep up with posts and news.


Ron Artest – Let’s Do It!

Currently $99. – This is just a fun app I go to from time to time.


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