My Essential Apps

Apr 2, 2011

These are the apps that I figure every single iPhone user needs to have installed. I’ve tried to generalize somewhat, as my “essentials” may not match everyone’s, but I assume 90% of iPhone users will need these apps.


Kind of goes without saying, but almost anyone who does anything online these days needs access to Facebook. The official app is pretty robust, although it does come with some annoyances.



I actually kind of dig the official Twitter app (I was a fan of Tweetie 2, which is what this is). Does a lot of what you need out of a Twitter app, and for most users, it will be more than enough.


Angry Birds



Adobe Photoshop Express

There are a lot of apps for improving the photos taken by your iPhone. I like PS Express for simple adjustments, such as brightness or contrast.



Want to make your iPhone camera pictures look cool? This app is for you. Period.


MapQuest: Free Navigation, GPS, Maps & Traffic

Free turn-by-turn directions? Don’t mind if I do!


Kindle – Read Books, eBooks, Magazines, Newspapers & Textbooks

Maybe not essential if you don’t actually buy digital books from Amazon, but the e-book reader for the Kindle is amazing (and free)!


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