My Current Favorite Games to Play

Apr 14, 2011

With a seemingly endless amount of games to choose from, awesome games are like needles in haystacks. I have managed to sift through all the lame ones and have comprised this list to share my findings

Tiny Wings

Even though I have temporarily given up due to the difficulty of the last objectives that are given, this game is still the most awesome of all games. It’s fair to say that I have sadly consumed numerous hours playing this game.


Words With Friends

Scrabble is a cool game but I’d never sit down to actually play it. This App has brought the game back full throttle now though; nearly every person I know with an Android or Iphone has this game


Mega Jump

The nail biting pressure of knowing you’re almost to the end of a level and that if you make one small mistake, you have to do the entire thing over again is enough of a drive to keep me hooked on this game


Angry Birds Seasons

Some of these levels are so difficult that I have yet to beat them. I consider myself an angry birds expert and this game puts my skill to the test, which can be extremely frustrating but also gloriously satisfying when that last pig gets destroyed


Fruit Ninja

who could’ve imagined that chopping fruit with your finger could be so much darn fun???


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