My, and Hopefully Your, Replacements

Oct 15, 2010

This is a list of apps that have either replaced commonly used apps, or are my second choice apps for those who don’t like the originals

360 Web Browser | Download Manager and Firefox Sync

Replaces Safari as my default browser. Tabs, extensions, and full screen it is a mini-firefox


Slacker Radio

Replaces Pandora when I want general non-stop channels that are customizable


Waze – GPS Navigation, Maps & Social Traffic

Replaces Tom-Tom and any other high cost navigation app. It is really cool to get updates on the road or route you are driving on from others.



Replacement for YouTube. When youtube is too bland, it is nice to go to DailyMotion for some off the wall videos.


AppMiner (Paid Apps FREE)

This is my goto app for finding apps (because I hate the app store) and for sorting through all the apps to make a favorites list while I wait for the price to drop.
Replaces AppShopper, FreeAppADay, and OpenFeint (although they are all good apps)


NOOK from Barnes & Noble – Read 2 Million Books, Free Books, Magazines, and Newspapers

Replaces all other eBook readers, for me. Others may have other preferences, but I love this app! If you want more gushing over the app, read my review.


Read It Later Free

Replaces Instapaper. I’ve bashed Instapaper enough, so if you want more, just read my review.


Nebulous Notes

Replaces Elements, for all those who do not want to pay $4.99 for a plain text app. This app does anything you would need, it has a lite version and the inexpensive full featured.

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Newsy: Video News, Multiple Perspective

Replaces almost all news apps for me. Although I still have a full folder of news apps, I always check Newsy first.
Check it out, if you have not seen it yet.


WeatherBug – Free Local Weather Forecast, Radar Map & Severe Storm Alerts

Replaces any other weather app for me. I don’t have any real preference, but I find this has the best accuracy and has not crashed on me anywhere near as much as the others.


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