Must-Haves for SATC Fans

May 27, 2010

Get ready for the new Sex and the City movie by giving your iPhone a makeover. Apps include all things SATC.

Sex And The City Trivia Game

Test your knowledge of SATC’s history with 100 questions. Pick the number of questions per game and, if you feel up to the challenge, set a time limit.


Sex And The City Quotes

I’m always looking up quotes from various seasons for blog posts. This app is full of witty, sexy and funny quotes from each season.


101 Cocktails

Grab your girlfriends, pop in a SATC disc and try out some of these tasty cocktails. I know cosmos are the drink of choice, but live on the edge a little!


The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell

It’s a pricey app, but it offers you access to quizzes, a synced audiobook and a sneak-peek of book two.


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