must-haves for a road trip

Aug 16, 2010

Getting ready for an epic road trip next month, I started thinking about the apps that I’ve gotta have with me

Echofon for Twitter

Ok, so it’s not totally a “travel” app, per se, but I not only use Echofon for Twitter when I travel to update folks as to what I’m doing and where I’m exploring, but it also serves as a great digital “scrapbook” of the trip. It’s always fun to go back through and see your trip unfold, 140 characters at a time.



My current favorite ‘check-in’ app, using apps like Whrrl, Gowalla, 4sq, etc., while traveling can really help find local gems you might not otherwise discover.



A perfect blend of Tweeting and checking in, Pegshot offers a great app that allows you to take a photo and peg it to a location – think of this as your digital scrapbook and peg interesting finds along your way!


Public Radio App

Because I love my NPR Morning Edition and as long as you have an AUX input on your car stereo, you don’t have to miss it while you’re on the road.


Pandora – Free Music & Radio

The road trip “mixtape” takes on new meaning here – my suggestion: create a road trip station and let Pandora surprise you with new and old favorites for hitting the open road.



Because your practice doesn’t stop just because you’re out of town, check out this app for keeping yourself up and on your own personal yoga practice. And relieve the sore, stiff muscles you get from sitting for long periods of time!

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Another great app for learning where to go in a new city, check out Yelp when you stop somewhere for lunch or dinner to shake things up a bit from the typically grocery store or fast food stop. Find something local and interesting that you can’t get in other places!


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