Must-Have Photobooth apps

Mar 4, 2012

Awesome for the pro and novice photographer.

Baldify – Go Bald

On a date? Want to see what your future spouse may look like if baldness is hereditary? Just snap a photo and see what the future holds.


LED Photo Lite

Change your photos to an LED portrait. I really love this app and you will too!


BabyBuilder Lite

Avoid making ugly babies with this app. Load a picture of you and your loved one and see what the combination of the two of you will make. Fun and adorable. Don’t be offended if the baby likes the mom more. I think it’s programed.


Faceffects : 3D Animated GIFs

Ripple, bump, wobble, and swirl your photos and then watch them pulse or return back to their original state. The 3D effects are really cool. Highly recommend!


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