Must-Have Middle School Apps

May 7, 2010

Summer is around the corner, but school will be back in session before you know it. Middle schoolers, these will help your life so much!

iStudiez Pro – Homework, Schedule, Grades

iStudiez Lite is just not as good as pro. This app lets you track your classes, homework, etc. And it has a pretty user-friendly interface.



This one is a no-brainer. Everyone needs access to Facebook



It’s a simple app by Apple, but it has its charm. My favorite is that I can control the music on my laptop, which is usually on the bed behind me, by my iTouch.


StudyBlue – Online Flashcards and Study Guide App + Finals Help

This is a wonderful study app. I LOVE it.


Virtual Trainer

Good, free app that’s fun, but a little, umm, I don’t have the word. I like it though.


World Wiki

Just another Reference Book. This one is surprisingly good though…



This app is awesome. The games are so much fun. I mean, we gotta relax SOMETIME!!!


Dictionary! by Wordset

A really cool dictionary.


iCall – Small Business VoIP

For a middle schooler without a phone, this is a must. Use your internet service to make calls.


The Impossible Test – Fun Free Trivia Game

Really, really funny game. MUST HAVE!!!


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