Must Have Kid Apps of 2010

Dec 27, 2010

These are the best apps that came out for kids during 2010. From planets, to dinosaurs, to games, 2010 was an innovative year for the iphone. Can’t wait to see what 2011 will bring! Enjoy!

Dinosaurs: The American Museum of Natural History Collections

This app is too cool! You start out with a huge mosaic dinosaur and then you can zoom in to a specific photo/exhibition. The info tab will give you a description of the photo and the ability to send it to a friend. Under the stories tab, you have access to several exhibitions with their important facts and figures. This app is inspiring, visually stimulating, and informative.



A 3D experience of the night sky right on your iphone! What could be better? It also tells you when planets are visible to the earth. I really learned a lot from this app because it helped me to visualize where the earth is in relation to other planets. I always had an idea, but it’s different when you can see the planets and “interact” with the map. Excellent!


Math Psychic

I looooooooooove this app! First, you guess a number. Then, you do a series of calculations via the math psychic and it leads you to your guessed number. The calculations are not always the same, but the Math psychic will always be right! I loved these kinds of games as a kid, but could never remember the formula’s. I’m so glad to have found this app!


Sketch Nation Shooter

I love the concept behind sketch nation shooter. It’s just like any other space shooter game, except you can design both the spaceships and the enemies. You can also choose how many enemies you want to fight. The directions are easy to follow. Creative and fun!


Everest: Hidden Expedition HD Lite

Scour scenes from Mount Everest to find the prescribed objects. The scenes are very detailed and the team who finds the most objects the fastest, conquers the peak and wins.


Etch A Sketch Lite

It’s Etch A Sketch! What could be better! The sound effects are right on and this app has added a ton of features to the etch a sketch experience. You can change colors, draw with the knobs and your fingers, you can insert shapes, you can use tilt to draw mode, you can zoom in and zoom out! Highly Addictive and inspiring!


Memory Matches

Who doesn’t love Memory? A classic game; good for all ages!


Talking Tubby

Talking Tubby is bound to become one of your favorite iphone characters. He’s soooooo charming, especially for a simple blob of green! He laughs. He bites! He repeats after you. Be careful not to poke him in the eye. He doesn’t like it.


Talking Rex the Dinosaur

Rex has become my new best friend! The graphics are excellent! Rex plays fetch, protects me from other dinosaurs, says I love you back, and purrs when I pet him. What a sweetheart! And I can share him with my friends!

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