Must-Have Keyboards for Sports Enthusiasts

Nov 7, 2017

A highly common tool that is utilized by all phone users is the keyboard which is typically plain and set to the default interface despite the thousands that are available to download. From keyboards that are theme specific to others that help to enhance a feature such as typing faster or displaying more emojis, the variety in keyboard selection is something that is not known to many. One keyboard theme that can resonate with millions around the world are the ones that are sports based which can have an emphasis on the specific sport of the theme.

Real Madrid Official Keyboard (Android)

The most popular sport in the world by number of fans is football which is viewed by over 3 billion people. Specifically in the realm of football, Real Madrid is easily one of the most popular clubs that captures the attention of billions of viewers each season. Given the demand for the sport and club, Real Madrid Official Keyboard is the must have app that acts as a keyboard with various styles that all revolve around the Real Madrid theme. Beyond this, the keyboard also delivers news on the club as it occurs so that users do not have to manually search look for it on various news sites. Other features include the ability to swipe as a method of input instead of having to type each individual key which helps to save time on typing. Offering exclusive emojis and other stickers that revolve around the theme, Real Madrid Official Keyboard is a must have for fans of the sport and club as a highly effective aggregator of all things Real Madrid.

NBAmoji (Android)

NBAmoji is regarded as the official emoji app of the NBA which has a suite of emojis and stickers that are made available throughout the NBA season. As the number of basketball-based emojis are typically limited on the traditional keyboard, this app is able to significantly increase the options that are made available to users who wish to incorporate more stickers and emojis into their conversation. With exclusive emojis that include general images such as basketballs with assorted faces to other team specific emojis that have the logos and images of various teams, users can get a significant amount of entertainment value from NBAmoji. Beyond this, the keyboard also has emoji mascots as an additional layer of team spirit, something that other keyboard apps have overlooked. As one of the limited keyboards that are dedicated to making the basketball conversation more enjoyable in the NBA, NBAmoji is a highly recommended keyboard throughout the NBA season.

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NFL Emojis (Android)

For additional football-based emojis, NFL Emojis is an app that brings a new element to text communication. Offering a range of additional visual elements to the conversation, NFL Emojis is similar to NBAmoji in that it provides stickers for every single team, the league as a whole, and various mascots. Given the degree of diversity that exists for the stickers that are introduced through the keyboard that is not available elsewhere, NFL Emojis is a great complimentary keyboard that can be used by all fans of the league. As there are highly customized stickers for each team, fans of any team are able to express their team spirit and find value in the keyboard as opposed to having only a series of stickers that are generally football based, making it a great tool for all fans.

As keyboards are one of the tools that can be used to customize the experience of communicating for sports fans, the ones listed in this article are great for accessing exclusive content, news, and keyboard interfaces that reflect their interest in the respective sport from football to basketball and even football.

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