Must have iPad apps

Apr 21, 2010

I am a photographer and blogger who loves all things apple!


A very robust word app for your iPad. We do all of our pricing flyers, brochures and other marketing materials on pages and this makes it a breeze to do changes while on the go


1Password for iPad

Keeps all of your passwords in sync with your desktop. I wish safari would allow plugs in so it would work in safari but still a useful app


LightTrac for iPad

A perfect app for photographers who shoot on location. Will show you the angle of the sun at any given time along with sunrise/sunset info



Another amazing mobile version of apples iWork productivity suite. Nice way to make presentations while on the go


Portrait Photography 101 for iPad: A Guide to Taking Better Portraits

A great guide to taking better photos, gives you real world advice and examples to help improve your portraits. Also can take notes in each lesson.


Asphalt 5 HD

You always need a break to have fun with a game and this racing game is awesome! Tons of fun and really good graphics



Very powerful spreadsheet app, just like having the desktop version with you and for only $9.99 a great value!


Wedding Photography 101: A Guide to Taking Better Wedding Photos for iPad

Tips and examples on how to take creative wedding photos


Igloo Games Arcade

4 great games for a good price and this app is in HD for the iPad and is universal so will play on the iPhone also!


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