Must Have Apps for Yoga Enthusiasts

Apr 8, 2011

I started doing yoga at school but when the year ended I stopped and ever since have been yearning to get back into it. so I downloaded a bunch of apps that I thought would help me start practicing again and these are the ones that helped the most


This App helped me ease back into the routine by showing me pretty basic poses that didn’t strain my muscles, it also allows you to play music from your library while you do the poses


Yoga Finder

This app lets you find the nearest yoga studios, so no matter where you are, you can still attend a class


YStream – Youtube edition

This App is great because you can watch videos of yoga ‘pros’ who know more about the art than anyone else. It’s inspiring to watch and it makes me want to practice yoga even more



I have a problem scheduling when i’m going to do yoga and this app has given me an amazing way to make time for it


Yoga Trainer PRO

This App is helping me practice some of the more advanced poses that help me build more muscle and stamina than some of the less straining poses


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